Imagine stepping out of your normal responsibilities and spoiling yourself for ten days!

Come to South Tyrol with Us!


Tour South Tyrol, Italy 2019

In the far north of Italy, near the border between Italy and Austria, is the South Tyrol area. Over the centuries this territory has moved back and forth between Italian ownership and Austrian ownership. Whilst now officially Italian, a dual culture exists and there is a strong Austrian influence in some of the valleys.

The landscape is one of glacial valleys and high mountains. The valley which we have chosen, the Valley of the Passirio River, is cultivated with apple orchards and this part of Italy supplies high quality apples to much of Europe. It goes without saying that Apple Strudel is a favourite sweet treat in this area!

Our base will be the elegant town of Merano, which is 40 minutes north of Bolzano. The town is characterized by beautiful tree-lined streets, a fast-flowing river, botanic gardens, sidewalk cafes and lovely views of the mountains.

From Merano we will venture forth for some valley walks and some mountain walks. There are many cable cars providing access to the higher slopes. The views from the top are stunning!

The walks will be in the range of easy to moderate level of difficulty. Good fitness, good balance and the ability to walk up to 3 – 4 hours will enable participants to get the most out of this holiday.

A detailed itinerary will be available on request.

“Highlights are many, however, for me, the wonderful friendships shown by the people of the village will always remain in my heart. The professional and friendly manner that you have shown to us as a group reflects how much you enjoy being in this area. As a result we feel special and accepted by the community, which can only be a bonus for us!”……Janine
“Now I know why everyone raves about Tuscany. I loved staying in Colle Val D’Elsa!”
“Your quiet, calm, fun approach towards your “Ladies” is admirable! Best wishes and may many more women experience Tuscany a la Valentine Travel.”
“You have created a holiday experience for ladies that is unique. There are many ways in which you make our stay personal and very special. Your warm, friendly nature and the wonderful relationship you enjoy with the Italian people we meet, make the whole experience unique and special. Keep me on your mailing list for future adventures.”……Nola
“Words are poor tools for me to describe how wonderful my stay with you was.”……Jan
“Wow! What an amazing holiday I had had with a great bunch of girls. A trip of a lifetime full of sunshine and laughter.”……Sheila
”I’m sure I will return to Tuscany again and again.”
“Carpe Diem! What a wonderful group to seize the day with! Each day has been an unforgettable experience. There has been a spirit in our group which is hard to explain except to say that the care and attention and sense of fun made our time together in Tuscany fantastic!”……Trish
“So hard to decide what I enjoyed most – the rambling walks or the fabulous Italian food!”
“Walking through woods of chestnuts, then coming out to find farms of olives, grapes and figs. What bliss!”……Wendy
“At the end of each day, it was great to come ‘home’.”
“Many thanks for a wonderful holiday. You rock!”……Bronwyn
“Travel the world and you won’t find a better place to call home for 10 days than Colle Val D’Elsa, better company more fun, or more spectacular scenery. It has been an affair to remember – an affair with Tuscany I shall cherish always.”……Meredith
“I want to come back again and again!”……Christina
“Bella Italia! The culture, scenery, food, wine, people and the language. It has it all! Thanks for your guidance, support and friendship. I really admire the service you provide and will recommend it to everyone. Grazie mille”……Chris
“This trip has been one of the special highlights of my life”……Lynne
“Not only did you feed me a diet of interesting and delicious food, you served it with historical, cultural, and social history in a warm, friendly atmosphere around a table of love and care. I will always remember and treasure my Tuscan holiday”……Beverley
Your passion or Italy is infectious! This tour has far exceed our expectations.”……Leah and Cath
“Thank you so much for making our 50th birthdays so special. We were embraced as a family and the entire trip was a family affair. The wisteria, poppies, iris, the green, green wheat, were all breathtaking.”……Hanna and Carol
“Thanks for your generosity and caring.”
“A ‘spur of the moment’ decision has led to the most fabulous ten days of pure pleasure and indulgence. Spectacular scenery, food and great company. Not enough superlatives! Thanks so much. I’m sure I’ll be back to Tuscany”……Meredith
”Thank you for your calm, friendly, efficient, organizing manner which provided our group with a wonderful learning experience of Tuscany.”
“From the first view out of my window, I was captivated!”……Betty
“I have been to Tuscany before but this visit is the absolute highlight. Special to me was your gentle care and your capacity to make me feel totally spolit. Also special was your interaction with the local people in both Colle Val D’Elsa and elsewhere an the obvious high regard you are held in. Your planning of our activities was enhanced by your local experience and knowledge. Your generosity of spirit and time make this holiday special”……Lyn.
”You enabled us to experience things we would not have been able to if travelling alone or with most other tour groups.” ……Inge
”I’ve never done anything like this before. So me achieving and enjoying a walking tour was a new page in my book of Life’s achievements. Than you for providing this opportunity in a friendly, female and supportive manner. The food and the friendship were fantastic, and the contact with the local people was the ‘icing on the cake’. I’m not saying ‘Good-Bye’. I’m saying :’See you again!”……Linda
“Women together always know how to have fun : great walks, food and company”……Gina
“Sharing the experience with a group of other women has certainly intensified the enjoyment and appreciation of all we have seen.”……Shirley and Julie
”Each day was a basket of surprises”……Wendy